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Yoga is in the air  ...

In sanskrit, Raya or Raja is the King.  Raya Yoga is the royal path of Yoga.  

In the Basque language, Garaya means high. 


Yogaraya is Royal Yoga practiced in the heights of the Basque Country ! 


The« resident » teacher of Yogaraya is Jacques but other yoga teachers are
welcomed to use our facilities to organize their own retreats.


A few things of my life :

  • Travels South East Asia & India during 20 years 

  • Develops a passion for Buddhism … and Asian Cooking ! 

  • Discovers Yoga in his 50’s with Shri Mahesh Gadrayal, the first Master of traditional Hatha Yoga to teach in France. 

  • Practices yoga since then, with Shri Mahesh and then his daughter Mira.

  • Obtains Yoga Teacher Certification in Goa, India at 63 YO.

  • Teaches yoga since then … 


The teachings of Buddha and Yoga have brought some serenity  in my life !  We might have the opportunity to discuss this one day !  


My belief is that, to fully appreciate Yoga, one needs to apprehend Yoga in its entirety. 

In this perspective, I organize initiation sessions during a few days to take the time to introduce the foundations of Yoga to the participants : from philosophy to practice ! 

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