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Is Yoga for you ?

Seen from the medias, yoga a discipline restricted to young, slim and supple women … Do an image search on the web with the keywords « yoga » or « yoga magazine» … !   Amazing ! 

This is wrong !  Anybody is young, supple and slim enough to practice and fully benefit from yoga !  Suppleness is not a criteria to start.  It comes with the practice !  Yoga develops suppleness just as sport develops muscles.  But suppleness is not the goal of the yogi more than muscles are the goal of the athlete.  

The yogi finds happiness in the practice, not in the result ! 


The beginner will feel that some postures are not for him as he feels that they require  suppleness and muscles that he is not aware of !   Some asanas appeal to muscles that are little used and we must « wake these muscles up » to acquire the capability to perform the asana !  The practice helps you to do it ! 

Benefits of yoga !

The essence of yoga is to give everyone, whatever his age or physical body, the opportunity to find a better harmony in his life, physically and mentally and, more simply : « to feel good » … and for the luckiest, to attain samahdi or « enlightment »


The good news is that the benefits of yoga are felt from the first  session ! 

Later, over the sessions, you will see your concentration developing as well as your perception and understanding of each posture.  Practice is an endless discovery ... & pleasure ! 

How do I start ?

« Anyone who actively practices yoga, be he young, old, or even very old, sickly or weak, can become a siddha
(reach perfection) »

Hatha Yoga Pradipika - 64

"Yoga ... is an experience which cannot be understood intellectually and will only become living knowledge through practice and experience"

Swami Satayanda Saraswati
Tilly en chandelle

"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old."

George Burns

The best way is to try !  As the African proverb says :

«  The best time to plant a tree is today »


Start with a few lessons ... a specific workshop or seminar is also a good idea !  

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